Here is a short film I was shown at Guardian ad litem training on Friday. It is kind of dorky, but can change how you communicate with others. There are lots of little life lessons strewn throughout.

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A Room of My Own

I finally got my writing room where I want it and I thought I would share a video of it with you all. Yes, there are LOTS of books. I have nearly 500 of them at last count. I get energy from them and I love to be surrounded by them. The first set of bookshelves are full of my regular books and the black wire shelves are full of all my writing books. The video ends with a focus on a photo that I have on my desk. That picture is of my child self, the muse, the voice that needs to be heard. I put my childhood picture there to remind me of the little girl that  is imprisioned in my mind and that she is who I am working so hard for and going through so much pain to set free. I hope you enjoy the video of my writing room – FINALLY a room of my own.


Zen Moment for Inaugural Twitter #TeaTuesday

I wanted to share a zen moment with you. I am blessed enough to walk by this waterfall at my local park each morning when me and my son walk before I drop him at preschool. The sound of the water over the rocks is so relaxing and I thought it would be awesome if you could sip your tea while watching the waterfall!