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Why I Write

This was a quick exercise we did in class on Tuesday night after reading Terry Tempest Williams’ essay “Why I Write.”

I write because it connects me to a lost part of myself. I write to recover memory. I write to release pain and shame. I write to bring myself to life. I write to never forget. I write to tell secrets I’m never supposed to tell. I write to share my life with the world. I write so that others will be compelled to write too. I write to bring about change. I write because it’s all I have ever wanted to do. I write because it keeps me from being lonely. I write because it helps me feel less afraid. I write to silence the demons. I write to quiet the ghosts. I write to heal. I write to understand. I write to forgive.

If you decide to do this exercise and post on your blog, please come back and leave a link so that I can read it.


3 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. I write to endure. I write, etc., etc.. I write to make a plan. I write to keep the flow. I write to help the flow of ideas keep spinning. I write to go forward. I write to move in the direction of my dreams. I write to make it okay. I write to bring forth understanding. I write to fill the void. I write because it pours forth the knowing. I write to find out. I write to discover. I write to find truth. I write to make bread. I write because it is written.

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