Oceanic Obsequy

Standing in her pretty yellow sundress
with tiny white ruffles; brown, pig tails lined
by too much of the sun’s love; and eyes green
as fresh spring leaves floating in pools of rain,
she weeps

among the wreckage of too many memories
left unspoken, releasing them drop by drop
into the ocean’s voluminous womb.

*Day 30 of the 2010 April Poem-A-Day Challenge! The Last Day! Woohoo! Prompt: Letting Go Poem


16 thoughts on “Oceanic Obsequy”

  1. Sarah,
    Your poetry has taken me hither and yon. I thank you for the memories and the journey. Congratulations on meeting the 30 day challenge! I don’t know that I could do it. If I’m in the mood I can write 30 poems at a sitting, but definitely would be challenged to do one a day for 30 days!

  2. I do like your poetry so much – you are, indeed, very good.
    Many congratulations on this achievement, so well done.

  3. Memories left untouched or unspoken
    make us just exist.
    This formula
    “but only just a little,” they assure us.
    And a thousand pretty little spider bites
    form a constellation that is not seen
    in light of the pretty yellow sundress
    worn overtop what seems, but is not.

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