I am the little girl in the corner
knees to chest
trying desperately to disappear

I am the little girl whose world
cracked apart
and never got put back together

I am the woman who was beaten
and raped
unable to write the memories clean

I am the woman with a path of pain
miles long
moving forward and looking back

I am the little girl searching
for love
who after all these years

still has found none.

*Day 27 of the 2010 April Poem-A-Day Challenge. Today’s prompt: Write a hopeless poem.


2 thoughts on “I AM”

  1. Your work is all so sad and I understand now why that is, after reading your email. Your body of work though is fantastic. I hope you will soon find answers to your real life problems. My thoughts are with you.


  2. That bought tears to my eyes. I can almost picture my granddaughter in there and just hope to hell she never, ever feels that way.


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