According to the Rules of Female Etiquette

I should keep my mouth shut when all I want to do is scream
and scream and scream; not use profanity even though the words
ceaselessly swirl through my mind begging for escape through my
tightly closed lips; present a superlative smile even when I am fucking
angry; be permanently attached to the adult male species in order to be
considered complete; keep secret all the pain suffered at the hands of said
adult male species because boys will be boys; must, above all else, be
magazine model perfect at all times even though I am teetering on the razor’s
edge between life and death.

*Day 21 of the 2010 April Poem-A-Day Challenge. Today’s prompt: According to _____________.


13 thoughts on “According to the Rules of Female Etiquette”

  1. You know why I like this?…cos you just spoke the bitter truth. Lovely eruption of the inner mind which do happen to be what lies in the inner mind of a lot of females out there. Cheers!!!

  2. i love the stream of consciousness kind of writing. it makes your fury more powerful and believable. and exactly what goes thru the minds of most women. beautifully written.

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