I am honored to have been nominated for the Blogger Sunshine Award by Adam Dustus. Not only does Adam have a fantastic blog he has also been a great friend. He has been gracious enough in the past to take time out of his busy schedule to review several of my manuscripts. I hope that you will check out Adam’s blog and see all that he has to offer the online community. There you will find information on his first novel, High School Asylum, which deals with the very important subject of school bullying; poetry; and many other posts on social media and writing. I am very grateful to you, Adam, for your support and friendship as well as your recognition of my blog!

Now it is my turn to nominate 12 amazing bloggers that have been a source of support for me through the content on their blogs and/or personal interactions with me on the process of writing.

These bloggers are:


http://asmallstone.com/ and http://www.plantingwords.com/






http://inspiredbyreallife.com/ and http://doublelattemama.com/





Many thanks to all these wonderful bloggers for providing invaluable service and support to the online writing community and to me! If you cannot pass along the Sunshine Award, I completely understand. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work!

Sarah Joyce Bryant


5 thoughts on “SUNSHINE AWARD”

  1. Wow, thanks! I’m so bad at remembering to pass these on…but I WILL TRY! I really appreciate the recognition. Keep at the writing, Sarah. You are truly talented.

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