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A Room of My Own

I finally got my writing room where I want it and I thought I would share a video of it with you all. Yes, there are LOTS of books. I have nearly 500 of them at last count. I get energy from them and I love to be surrounded by them. The first set of bookshelves are full of my regular books and the black wire shelves are full of all my writing books. The video ends with a focus on a photo that I have on my desk. That picture is of my child self, the muse, the voice that needs to be heard. I put my childhood picture there to remind me of the little girl that  is imprisioned in my mind and that she is who I am working so hard for and going through so much pain to set free. I hope you enjoy the video of my writing room – FINALLY a room of my own.


12 thoughts on “A Room of My Own”

  1. What a great space! And so nice to see I’m not alone in my love of being surrounded by books. ;^) I am so happy to see you honouring your gift and calling like this, Sarah. This is the way it should be.

    I also think of my child self when I need a reason to keep going one more day. I understand that completely. What we didn’t get then that we needed and deserved, like loyalty and respect and patience and time, we can give to our old and new selves now. It just must be done.

    Much love to you, my friend.

  2. This is a wonderful space you have created. And so neat… hey, you wanna come clean up my space? 🙂 Naw, you’ld have to rent a bulldozer to clear out the piles of stuff around my place.


    Happy writing!

  3. My computer is being difficult and won’t run your video. The room looks exciting from the still opening shot. Happy writing time. (thanks also for visiting my blog – I really appreciate your comments – I was feeling down about it and they cheered me up.)

  4. “my child self, the muse, the voice that needs to be heard”

    That is so beautiful. I agree with what both you and Stephanie said. We need to honour our younger selves in the way that we weren’t honoured at the time.

    I love your writing room! Wow, you have so many degrees/certificates on the wall! Impressive! May I ask what they’re for, in general? And I love that you have a TV in your writing room. It looks very peaceful and relaxing, and all the books are great. I love your bookshelves, how they’re half height and you can use the tops as tables! Good idea!

  5. A room for writing? Wow! My dream come true but in your home. I best tweak that affirmation…Someday…

    Seriously, I love that you honor that adorable little girl whose picture is on your desk. That is an idea I connected with in a big way. Great room!

    Now it’s back to my La-Z-Boy in the corner of the living room with the TV blaring for me. I’m lucky to have a writing corner!

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