Zen Moment for Inaugural Twitter #TeaTuesday

I wanted to share a zen moment with you. I am blessed enough to walk by this waterfall at my local park each morning when me and my son walk before I drop him at preschool. The sound of the water over the rocks is so relaxing and I thought it would be awesome if you could sip your tea while watching the waterfall!


4 thoughts on “Zen Moment for Inaugural Twitter #TeaTuesday”

  1. What serendipity! After a madd, madd, madd, madd, day yesterday and an early morning today at work as a receptionist; I traveled to the local bookstore to collect inspiration and a sweet libation. What do I find upon my return home but a moments peace in my mailbox from a kindred spirit! Thank you!

    Your waterfall reminded me of a spot on High Street in Columbus, Ohio where I can sit and write, or have a cuppa, or a brown bag lunch! I have plans to purchase a bicycle this week so one of my first inspirational tours will be to this very spot! Perhaps we need a waterfall thursday with many people sending their movies to create a full day of rest! 🙂

  2. Just about every peaceful moment in my life involves waterfalls…my happy place in meditation, my treatment room, outside my back door. I had a fountain in my cubicle at work long before it was popular. But this is the first time I’ve had one on my computer. Thank you for the peaceful moments!

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