In My Perfect World


  • Each day begins with a walk on the beach, the sun just beginning to rise, my feet being polished by the warm, salty sand.


  • The sun greets the sky with brush strokes of the most beautiful integration of color I have ever set my eyes upon.


  • I submerge myself in the cool rush of water, staying still and allowing the natural rhythm of the ocean to guide me and quiet my mind.


  • Everything in my world exists only in bright, beautiful hues of color.


  • Breakfast always begins with a perfect, creamy cup of organic coffee in a large mug that displays a new positive affirmation each day.


  • My hair is always freshly cleaned, cut, and colored and I am filled with joy as I view my beautiful self in the mirror each morning.


  • I scour the city each day taking photographs of the beauty that surrounds me and defines my world.


  • I always stop by the local bookstore and purchase a brand new book that provides the perfect escape into the mystical world of someone else’s mind.


  • I learn something new every day that significantly impacts the way I perceive the world and those around me in a positive way.


  • I volunteer each day and make a difference in the lives of others.


  • I always make my children smile and never make them cry.


  • I experience the feeling of falling in love for the first time with each new day.


  • I always feel empowered and strong as I do after a good workout.


  • I set aside an hour every day just for daydreaming.


  • My home always has a freshly cleaned look and smell.


  • The majority of the food I put into my body comes from my own organic garden.


  • Each evening I walk through the park smelling the newly-bloomed, brightly-colored flowers while the full moon lights my path.


  • And every day ends with judgment- and pressure-free writing, a hot cup of organic herbal tea, a square of organic dark chocolate, and a newly created gratitude list.

Day One of SARK’s Juicy Journaling E-Program


11 thoughts on “In My Perfect World”

  1. Beautiful! Beauty is found in your incredible words listing prime daily inentions. The photograph is amazing in its gradients colors. (I enjoyed that photo for several minutes.)
    I suspect you also have a beautiful heart as such lovely creativity could not come from anything else…anyone else.

    I hope you don’t mind if a take a few of your listed items for my own personal gain. They are stated in a way I couldn’t improve upon and I want to adopt them in my life. A few more might be taken for my wish list…my future life.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. I will be creating an artistic ‘In My Perfect World’ collage’ today. The beginning of my life as one who creates the world in which I will live as a possibility to create and share with others. After all, each and every created being lives in the context of a world in which the perfect world is possible.

  3. oh a perfect day indeed – what a glorious picture you paint. Your writing has rhythm that really appeals to me and a true gentility comes through. Lovely.

  4. I have bookmarked this page – it is a good reminder to be of how life SHOULD be – and might be, if I let it…enjoy your photos, too – beauty I would miss, except for your photographer’s eye, capturing the moment, being there, being ready, being aware, being skilled, and having the soul to see the beauty and the heart to share it…

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