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Like the Heart, the World – Sage Cohen

Like the Heart, the WorldAs I read through Like the Heart, the World, I was intrigued by the uniqueness and depth of Cohen’s words. She has created surprising word combinations such as “the metal taste of alone” that made me stop and contemplate their meanings. I love that her poems are like a maze of language; fresh and thought-provoking. The book is separated into three sections according to places that Cohen has lived and reflects her experiences in those cities. Through these sections, she intertwines the sensory world around us with the deep emotions that we feel inside. As the sections progress we see Cohen open up, giving us more of her, allowing us a bigger glimpse into the depths of her mind. Her poetry becomes more relaxed and longer signifying her growth as she moves through the different phases of her life. In the end, we see that she is comfortable where she is now, that she can sit within the pain, loss, and triumph of life and convey it all to us magnificently.

Writing the Life Poetic

I also highly recommend Sage Cohen’s new book: Writing the Life Poetic

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