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The Writing Diet – Julia Cameron

What I like best about The Writing Diet is its presentation. The information provided is not necessarily new and profound, but the way it is presented really works for me. The chapters are very brief and each ends with a writing exercise. Because of the chapters’ brevity, I was able to read one each morning. It served as a kind of diet devotional. It gave me the motivation to start my day in a positive frame of mind. Cameron explains the importance of eating clean and this makes a lot of sense especially with all the mysterious “additions” that are now included in many of our foods. However, she recommends “diet” foods that include artificial sweeteners which I personally believe are not part of clean eating. I found the exercises to be effective and the personal and client testimony/dialogue to be inspirational. I especially like Cameron’s emphasis on living in the moment even when we have chosen to eat something that is not healthy for our bodies. We do not have to continue our unhealthful eating for the rest of the day (as we often think) but can instead forgive ourselves immediately and start over right at that moment. Writing daily, in what Cameron calls “Morning Pages”, can really help to uncover hidden links between food and emotions (both negative and positive) as well as other issues we may not be aware of that sabotage our efforts towards a healthier life. Anyone who is focusing on leading a healthier life and building a positive relationship with the food they eat should read this book. They will come away with many great tools – such as four questions to ask before making the choice of what and when to eat – to help them on their journey. This is a book that should be read more than once. I recommend reading it again and again as a daily dose of inspiration.

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1 thought on “The Writing Diet – Julia Cameron”

  1. I have this book. It is very helpful. As you say, her techniques are not all that new, but her application of the techniques to healthy living is inspired.

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