The Art of Mending – Elizabeth Berg

The Art of Mending brings the reader along as family secrets are exposed and shows what the effects are on each of the characters. Elizabeth Berg did a great job of capturing the family dynamic and the reaction of those that hadn’t yet put the pieces together. It is a painful story of how abuse, if not revealed and given the chance to heal, can destroy a person’s life. The reader follows along as each memory is rediscovered and feels the confusion and disbelief that occurs when the siblings are told about something horrible that happened right in front of them without their being aware. It was interesting to me that there was not a likeable character. There was no one to grab a hold of and cheer for. Each character’s dark side was exposed. Overall, I thought this was a good, quick read that kept my attention. Every time I put it down, I wanted to return to it to see what happened – to learn the truth. I liked how Berg included a narrative description of a photograph at the beginning of nearly every chapter. Each description pushed the reader closer to the truth, providing them with additional insight into the childhood of these characters.

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