Book suggestion/review

If I Am Missing or Dead – Janine Latus

I was disappointed about the misleading title and description of If I Am Missing or Dead by Janine Latus. I felt that her own story was compelling enough that it could have stood on its own without leading the reader to believe that the book was mostly about her sister’s murder. It was knowing that the book was eventually going to cover her sister’s story that built tension and kept me reading. I believe I would have taken the book in differently if I hadn’t known that before reading. That being said, I believe that Latus is very courageous to share her story. I understand, after finishing the book, that she could not cover her sister’s story because she was not there to know the details. She wove her life with what she could of her sister’s and the comparison was stunning. Though Latus went one way and her sister another, they both could have ended up the same way. It was heartbreaking to see how much Latus’ sister had gone through only to end up murdered by her boyfriend. Latus covered some very important beliefs, feelings, and errant thinking that women have when involved in domestic violence situations. We get an inside view of the thinking that kept her in her marriage for so long. Overall, I felt this was a very good book and something every woman should read. I found the afterword to be excellent and really showing Latus’ purpose in writing this book. This surely was not an easy book to write, but clearly one that needed to be written.

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