My First Literary Contest

Well, I submitted my first manuscript to a narrative nonfiction contest and I can’t say that it went well. I looked over everything meticulously, but apparently my mind was somewhere else. I realized – after mailing the manuscript – that I did not include the submission fee. Oops! So, a mad dash home to type up an apology letter and when I pulled up my original cover letter I realized I had typed the date 3-3-05 at the top. NICE… Anyhoo, I typed the apology letter and enclosed the submission fee and made a mad dash to the post office – same worker from an hour before – and mailed priority. Now I can’t remember if I signed the letter – YIKES! Hopefully, they will be delivered at the same time and my manuscript will not end up in someone’s wastebasket 😦

I will find out in late spring if my manuscript is chosen as winner or finalist. I spent an enormous amount of time working on this manuscript. It is quite an accomplishment for me because I am not usually someone who sticks with my projects too long without becoming frustrated and giving up. I am proud that I have a finished product. However, I am running into a bit of a problem with starting my next manuscript. I have dedicated so much time to this one and it seems so perfect that it is hard to begin with nothing again and create, create, create. I think that I used this first manuscript as a reason to not write additional work. I am going to have to push through this “habit” of distraction.

Hope everyone has a fabulously fantastic evening!


2 thoughts on “My First Literary Contest”

  1. Hey!

    Good luck on that contest! Sometimes after I have finished a project it helps to read for awhile–usually something I read gets my mind going, back into the creation direction–but I definitely know how you feel like “Ok…now what…”
    Talk to you soon (hope to see you at the Tomlinson reading!)

  2. Good luck on that contest! I know what you mean about being distracted by consistent work on one project. I’ve done that before, too. I’m working through that now, actually. I try to make sure I’m writing something new all the time and then take time to re-work other stuff a little at a time. Now the problem is that nothing is getting re-worked fast enough to submit it anywhere… Ah, there’s the rub. 🙂

    Talk to you soon.

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