Book suggestion/review

Courage and Craft

Courage and Craft: Writing Your Life Into Story
Author: Barbara Abercrombie

Courage and Craft is a phenomenal inspirational guide for aspiring writers and experienced writers alike. I have been a closet writer for many years and recently enrolled in an MFA program. I have the same fears many new writers do and this book has really helped to inspire me. Not only does it give fantastic exercises to help spark your creativity, it gives lots of great advice about the writing process. Every time I feel like putting down the pen and quitting, I read a small section and it helps me realize that those fears come from the critic crawling around in my head. I pick up the pen and start writing again – even if it is bad writing. This book has something for everyone regardless of what genre you are interested in. It is also structured in small sections for quick reading. I don’t have a lot of time outside of writing and reading for classes, but I could pick this up and in a few minutes get the inspiration I needed to start my day. Courage and Craft will be a permanent addition to my writing desk so that I can turn to it any time that I need a boost, some advice, or just some suggestions on how to break free from my inner critic.


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