Leaves in the Fall

This is the pre-workshopped version of Fall in Madison County.

I see you blowing in the wind,
Beautiful multi-colored jewels
Sparkling in the sun.

My heart longs to be you,
Becoming more beautiful with time
Aging gracefully,
Anticipating letting go.

You are brought to life,
Animated by the invisible.
You are fed life
From the depths of the earth’s soul.
You grow bright green
With passion and purpose
Just waiting for inevitable death.

You don’t give up, though,
Instead you burst with radiant color
Bright oranges, reds, yellows, and purples
A harvest of beauty as you grow old.

Why do you stay there hanging on
When you know that death will come?
Why do you shine so brightly bringing joy to all
Right before death rips you from your mother?

You float through the air to your resting place
But you never lose your beauty.
Why do you lie there when all is lost
And never lose your beauty?


1 thought on “Leaves in the Fall”

  1. This is beautiful. Autumn is something I missed when I came to live in Australia. The smell of leaf litter and all the colour. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it.

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