Trees dripping silver
between life and death

and treacherous
as my dead grandmother’s face

Skin peeled
light from dark

Bloodless pools
shining black below

Silence blows
clinking crystals
whispering secrets
of colorless silhouettes

Sharpened daggers
pierce the sky
spilling shattered diamonds
at my feet

I move on, unimpressed.


1 thought on “Frozen”

  1. Wow–This is great–I especially love the comparisons you are drawing. I like how split is on a line of its own then life and death–which is so true of how nature seems this time of year. I wanted to let you know about 2 poets that I recently discovered: Sarah Manguso (has 3 books out) and a newer poet, Ashley Capps. Capps’ first book was released in 2006 from the University of Akron press titled “Mistaking the Sea for Green Fields.” Doesnt that title alone make you want to look the book up? I couldnt put the book down. Let me know if you look either of these 2 up. Once I read a couple of things I had to go and find EVERYTHING 🙂

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